SonyDSLR Basic Guide

Source from thanks Alpha-Ming (Chairman of AlphaDSLR Singapore)


A little bit free at home today . So i thought of doing this …

Hope Newbies can go through these before starting up a New Thread , otherwise the whole section will be flooding with same Questions time after time . If you all find it useful , i will try to update more from the beginning … Hope this Helps . P

All About The Alpha Body
What Is Exposure Mode ?
IR on Alpha Body
A700 MIrror Up
What Creative Style You Use On Your A700 ?
About the Sony SSS
Some Questions On The Functions
Managing Shuttle Speeds
ISO 1600 on A100
How To Keep The Camera Still ?
How To Check Shuttle Count ?
Dust In Viewfinder
DOF Shots
About The DRO In Our Alpha
How We Clean Our Sensor ?
What Creative Style You Use for A700 ?
AF Illuminator On The Canera & Flash

All About Flash
Wireless Flash
Sekonic L-358 Flash Master
Absolute Necessary To Have A Flash?
Flash Settings
Lambency Diffuser , difference between Cloud & Clear
Flash Bracket & Flash Extender
Need Help Getting A Flash
A DIY Flash Diffuser From Somewhere Else
WB With Flash
Get New Flash Or 2nd Hand ?
Ancient Bounce Card Remake
Mini Slave Flash Photography

All About Lenses
Lenses For A900 FF
Lens Reversing … For Macro ?
20mm f2.8 , is this a Landscape Lens ?
Lens Coating on Minolta Lenses
Something about the Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro Lens
Which Kit Lens ?
Strange Color Cast from 50mm f1.7
SSM G Lenses draining up Battery faster ?
Should I Go For Minolta Beercan or Sigma 70-300mm for the 90mm ?
CA on Beercan , How to Control ?
QC on Sigma 10-20mm
Dust In Lens , What To Do ?
About The F Stop
28-105mm f2.8
35mm f1.4 & Recommendations
Lenses For Indoor , 28mm f2.8 or 50mm f1.4/f1.7
Lens For Indoor Without Flash
Minolta 28-70mm G Vs CZ 24-70mm ZA
Sony 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 G
Minolta 50mm 1.4 or 1.7 or Sony 50mm 1.4?
Oil In Lens Barrel
Super Wde Angle Or Fish Eye ?
Pros & Cons Of Sony 11-18mm , Sigma 10-20mm
Sell The CZ16-80mm For A 24-105mm ?
Sony 50mm f1.4 Made In Where ?
How To Prevent Fogging Lens ?
CZ24-70mm Vs CZ16-80mm
Sharpness For Lens 24-85mm f3.5-4.5
CPL Filter On The CZ16-80mm
White Specks On New Lens !
Discussions Before Buying A 500mm Reflex Lens
What Is Fast Lens ?
Can The Zeiss Plannar T 50mm f1.4 AF On Sony ?
Discussions On A Longer Zoom Lens
18-250mm For A Holiday Trip ?
Tips For Using Sigma 50-500mm
Sony 18-250mm
What To Look Out When Buying A Macro Lens ?
Before Buying The 28-105mm f2.8-4 Lens
Is Kit Lens 18-70mm Really That Good ?
M42 Leica Lens , Anyone ?

All About Accessories
CZ Filters Coating & Differences
Tripod Head Recommendations
Extension Tubes Calculations
All About Tele Converters
How To Choose A Tripod ?
Looking For An Angle Finder ?
Teleconverter , Is It Worth ?
Getting A Filter Case Or Pouch
Issues On Filters
Raynox 250
What Does Filter Do For You ?
About CPL Filters
White Balance Filter

All About Dry / Digital Cabinets
Do we need to keepo the Body in the Dry Cabinet ?
Settings For Dry Box
Help On Storing Lenses
DigiCab Issues

All About General Questions
Lexar Or Sandisk ?
How To Get Blue Skies ?
IR With Minolta & Alpha
AEL Lock Function & Bracketing
About Calibrations
Learning More About LCD Monitor !
What is Hyperfocal Distance … Link !
How do we see it ? Photos by others everywhere …
Color Management … Before & After
Dealing with Noise in PP
About TFCD …
Magnification on Macro , what is 1:1 etc …
Need Tips for shooting Fireworks
Is it worth buying a VG for A100 & KM 50mm f1.7 ?
Which Lens is good for Candid Shots ?
Battery Charging Issues
Questions on Sharpness
Anyone Using Spyder 3 Pro ?
Equipments To Use In Church Wedding
Photo Taking In A Church
Which Lens To Use At Night Safari ?
Equipping For Street Shoots Trips For Overseas
CF or MS is Better ?
Bag For Alpha & Other Stuffs
Getting A Spare Battery For Alpha
Is It Important To have The Vertical Grip For A700 ?
Is Alpha Capable Of Breaking Sigma Lenses ?
Post Processing , PP then Resize or Resize then PP
CF Card & Reading Speed
Lens Hunting In HK
Newbie Questions With A200
Taking Portraits For Staff Passes
SDW Courses At Sony Gallery Wisma
Wide Angle Converter Calculations
Focusing At Night
How Long Will I Need ?
What Lens To Use For A Fashion Show ?
Need Tips For Portrait Shoot
Storing Photos In The PC
Keeping The EXIF Info After PP
The Very Basics Of Macro Shooting
Macro On Human Eye
Many Many Questions Here …
JPEG vs Adobe PS Elements JPEG Formats
Shaky Hands Problems
What Lens To Use When Travelling To Vietnam ?
What Is Good Bokeh ?
What Is A Full Frame Lens & D Lens ?
Software For Adding Frame & Caption
Discussions On Which Lenses To Bring For A Portraiture Shoot
Macro & Cropping ?
Alternatives … 2 Out Of 3
What Is 100% Cropped ?
Where To Buy Lens Caps ?
Advises On Taking Wedding Photos
Wedding Shoot Knowledge , A Link To Somewhere
Newbie With KM5D & A 28-200mm Lens
Tips For Shooting Fireworks !
How To Avoid Noise When Taking Photos At Night ?
Discussions On Astro Photograhy
Ideas For Models Photoshoot
How To Post A Picture ?
Photo Printing Agent ?
Size Of A Wedding Photo ?
Wedding Day , Which Lens To Use ?
Questions Before The Wedding Day
Continuous Focusing Technique
Lenses To Bring For Travelling
About Servicing Of Alpha At SSC

All About Any Others
Noise Problem With Alpha
Batch Watermark & Borders
Sony Lens Pouches
Newbie with Nikon D80 joins the Forum ! Welcome !
Food Photography with PNS . which one to choose ?
Shall We Have Free Photography Lessons From Shi Fu ?
How Much You Spend On Camera A Month ?
Gearing Up For Overseas Trip
Scanner For Film / Negatives
Free Photoshop Tutorial
Newbie With Many Questions
Ides For Model Posing
Looking For Shooting Buddies
File & Photo Management Software
Newbie On Purchasing & Pricing
Lens Price Of Taiwan & HK
Tips On Buying Lenses From HK
Silica Gel & Microwave
Converting Slide To Digital


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